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How do I move a small group of objects into position?

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Hello, dear Vectorworks geniuses!

Ok, I have drawn an as-built shed with attached deck. I would merely like to choose a point, drag the group by that point and snap it to a vertex of a triangle. After that, I would like to rotate the group by dragging to a vertex of another triangle.

Totally easy, right? However, I can't figure it out.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The easiest way is normally to place a locus at that point, then select that locus along with the rest of the objects and use Modify > Group, then you can use that locus as a snap point for dragging and all the objects can then be rotated at the same time, alignment controlled by the Rotate tool.

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I'm afraid I don't fully understand what you are attempting to do. Is the issue with what angle to rotate the group at, since you are wanting to "align" the rotation with another triangle?

A picture could help.

(If I "think" I understand you, one thing you could do is drag a copy of the triangle (with the correct rotation angle) on top of the rotation center point of the group. That way you have it as a graphical snap reference. Then delete it when you are done.)

but again, I feel like I might be adding to your confusion.


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Ok, thanks for the locus point understanding. I was able to drop a locus at my drag point and then drag the group by that locus to a snap point of my choice.

However, there has to be a better way to rotate things. I would like to use the locus point as the center of rotation, then use a rotate tool (that should exist somewhere) to choose another snap point or locus point and then drag that point to any other point of my choice and let go.

In a most basic example: 2 random points, and a line segment which is longer than the space between the two points. I would like select, drag, and snap one end of the line without rescaling the line (locus seems to work for this). Then, I would like to choose the other end of the line in a some rotate mode and snap that point to the other random point, also without rescaling the line.

Is that possibile?

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