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Row Calculations in Worksheets

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I'd like to set up a worksheet to calculate reused areas as a percentage of existing areas. I'm using a pair of Space objects for each surface area, one in an "Areas-Existing" class and one in an "Areas-Reused" class. I've created two worksheets, one to report on the Existing, and a second one to report on the Reused and calculate the percentages. See attached screenshot.

In the cell with "0.76" (which is in the database row) I have a formula that divides the cell with "156" by the cell with "204" (156/204=0.76) (Somehow my first guess at the correct syntax for referencing a cell in another worksheet was right!!).

The problem is, I was expecting this formula to apply to each row. Instead, each percentage is calculated using the cell with "204" as the divisor (thus 0.55 and 0.21 instead of 0.72 and 0.91).

How do I get the formula to apply to each row?

Or is there some other way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

(This project is in VW 2008)


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I guess the fundamental issue boils down to you needing each database row to be able to have a different formula. I understand that the two databases are pulling from two different things, but could you create a single worksheet with all four columns in it? That way the "percentage" column should work.

(just guessing, hope it helps.)

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Thanks. There seems no way to report on different sets of objects in different columns, such that the four columns can't be consolidated into a single worksheet with each pair of space objects in a single row.

So, I think I will just export the data to Excel and let Excel do the calculations...

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