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Script to make a Worksheet Wall Style

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Using wall styles creates all the measurement data to be accessed through the Worksheets. The work sheet interface is so tedious and painful to work with.

I have written a script that search the document for all wall types in use and creates a new work sheet to report all the component values. It means I can create new wall styles on the fly, or remove other, then rebuild my worksheet knowing I've got every wall component measured.

If anyone is interested in such a script I could provide 'a use at your own risk' test command.

Now onto slabs and roofs....

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Here you go.

The script is called Update Schedules in the attached file.

The script re builds the worksheets each time it is run.

It will find all the Wall Styles and Slab Styles in your drawing.

It then writes a specific function in each cell to find the area and volume of the component.

To control what you want measured in your file Create a Layer called Mod SCHEDULE. Use a view port to control which layers are on or off. Only the objects in the viewport will be measured.

Suggest you keep the worksheets open on screen while the script is running. You can watch it do all the hard work while it populates the screen.

Finally, this script will take a bit to process. It loops through every object in the drawing twice... Good things take time. If there is positive comments, I could polish this script up to be a menu command making it easily accessible from any file. The script is open for anyone to tinker.

Finally a disclaimer. Use at your own risk. This script is not polished and had only limited testing.

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I've started using this on complete house files. I'm getting a small glitch with an additional wall component being added in the component schedule... should be fixed soon.

Quick Tip- If you add the building Trade to the front of the component name, the component schedule output in order, so it will give you a trade break down of all the components.

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