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symnols of people (3d)

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.exe is just a self extracting Zip file. if you're on a Mac, use Stuffit Expander to open the .exe file.

there are a couple of problems with using the free .dxf stuff out there on the 'net is that the dxf probably has no color assignments (not to mention class assignments). the shear number of points and polygons that make up the mesh (or model) are so extreme in number, your rendering time is going to seriously increase.

you can take the time to fix them if your budget can stand that big of a hit (time=money).

i have found useing flat extrudes and mapping a texture (image file) to them is the way to go. although VW doesn't do this very well. check out Artlantis.... WAY faster and better results than RW.

hope this helps.

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