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Where is the tool kit?

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Our office has plain old VectorWorks--not VectorWorks Architect, the toolkit is mysteriously absent from the resource palette is that why? Is there somewhere I can find a description of the difference between VW and VW Architect--I am only discovering these difference as I go along. Another tool that I don't have anymore is the Property Bounds Tool.

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The toolkit from version 8 is now called the Object Library in version 9.

Also, the property line tool was extensively revamped for version 9. It is now part of the Architect and the Landmark packages.

Here is semi-complete list of things that were in 8, but are no longer in the basic version of 9.

DTM and Site modelingProperty Line toolAEC WorkspaceWall FramerSpace Planning

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Matthew & Katie,

Is there a chance that some of the removed objects from version 8 to version 9 might be reinstated sometime in the future in the "basic" version of VectorWorks? It is a real "kick in the pants" for a long time user like me, and I'm sure others, that previously used objects that are now split into Spotlight. Architect and the myriad of other now specialized Vectorworks versions. The small amount that is in the basic object library doesn't really cut it.

Perhaps Nemetschek could sell these, at a resonable price, as add-ons.

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Bryan, VW 9 had alot of work done to it to make it bigger and better. With all this work, they thought they would break it into sections so you wouldn't have to buy the whole program and buy more that what you are going to use. By breaking it up into specific industry sections, you are able to buy what you need to do your job, and only what you need. Say you only need Architect stuff. Should you have to pay for all the work done in Landmark, Mechanical and Spotlight in addition to the only part of the program you are going to use, Architect?

When you look at it, and if you could see the capabilities of all the various industry products, I think you would agree why we broke it all up and why it's a little more expensive.

Really though, for the flexability you get in our application and ease of learning the application(s), it's not a bad priced CAD program compared to other industry leading products that have the variety we have.

Maybe someone in Sales and Marketing might have something different to say, but that's my two cents.

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What I want to know is why would anyone buy just VectorWorks, my office is an Architectural office and we just bought the regular old one assuming that it would be the same and it's clearly not. We really should have bought the architect but hoow were we supposed to know?

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You sales rep should have explained the differences between the various products. In defense of the Sales Dept, we do have some new employees over in Sales.

VW is used for many aspects of CAD. The specific IP line is geared for each specific line of CAD.

We have people that use VW to design jewlery, scupltures, statues, display cases, among many other things. In these cases, only Foundation is necessary.

We stretch across the board of CAD, not just limiting ourselves to one specific part of CAD. This is one of the things that sets us apart from other CAD applications which limit you to only architectural design, or only landscape design, only mechanical design, etc. We allow for an enormous level of flexibility.

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We have been using VectorWorks for almost 6 years--and have changed with its changes through various versions, and as old users who would think to speak to a rep about features moving that have been added with each new version? I now see that NNA has a much different plan for VW than Diehl did but it seems that many longtime users may not have known this. As with other programs you expect to maintain a base and add or alter features, not remove them. I guess that we just didn't do our homework. I still admire the low cost and flexibility though.

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the cost is not nearly low enough for the LIMITED amount of "flexibilty"....i think VW 9 Plain should go back to its old alias... "MINI" cad. it just does not measure up anymore.

to boot... hogwash on the "packeging" angle. they knew they'd sucker some of the old users! mad.gif" border="0

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All I hear about about are bugs and crashes in 9.XX and it is slower unless you do hardware upgrades... Spltting the product into modules is a good "marketing" approach... However, what we really need is a program that is RELIABLE and is supported by many printers, platforms and operating systems.

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VW runs on 9 Operating Systems, many printers are supported. There are very few printers that are not compatible with VW. Most of the time, the print drivers are the problem, not our software. When we conclude this, we contact the manufacturer, try the drivers with other applications, etc. If the problem exists in applications other than VW, it's unlikely it's a VW problem.

VW 9 is stable as of VW 9.5.0 and later. You will never find an application that is bug free. You have HUMANS behind these computers writing the code. It doesn't write itself. As you know, humans are welcome to mistakes. Not to mention, the OS's themselves are not exactly perfect. I can name a flaw on all current Operating Systems.

Updating hardware is eventually something you are going to have to do, due to technology changes. You are not going to be able to use a computer you bought 3 years ago for 10 years like you might have thought. I still have my commadore 64 that I even play games on still *gasp*, but I know that I can't run certain things on them .. Another computer I've had for many years, I just can't use because Win NT, xp or 2k won't run on it. Because of that, I had to get a new one. Computers are just like cars ... you gotta upgrade from time to time. The same car you bought 5 years ago isn't the same price you are going to pay for now ..

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Perhaps I wasn't clear in my post. I am aware of the competition's CAD products and know that there is value in Vectorworks, which I've used since version 1.My bold comment is in regard to how some marketing/sales area of graphic software companies often sell needed addons at a price that is close to the entire package price of the now "basic" version of Vectorworks.

I work in tradeshow & museum exhibit, retail, film, tv, video & corporate theatre design and fabrication. No one version of VW9 will have the items I need that were in earlier versions. If you would pass on my suggestion about making some of the toolkit/plugin items available it would be appretiated.

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Marketing is currently evaluating a system that works like this...

You buy a license for regular VectorWorks at the basic price, different add-ons for industries (Architect, Landmark, Mechanical, Spotlight, RenderWorks) will be included on the CD, but will only install if you purchase that module in addition.

You will be able to combine any group of modules you want. If you wanted Spotlight and Architect, you would get a special serial number that enabled just those.

If you decide that you need to add a product, you just purchase the module and we issue you a new serial number that enables those.

As always, with any purchase you get a 90 day evaluation period.

So, how does that system sound?

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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In addition, there is a little unknown secret to most people. Some of the tools you had in VW 8 can be added to your current or custom workspaces thru the workspace editor. You will have to go thru the Tools and Menus tabs in the WKSP Editor to find what you want. There are also a number of things available as a pio-meets-symbol in the Resources Palette in the VW Architect Sampler, VW Landmark Sampler, VW Mechanical Sampler.mcd files. THese are basically pio's embedded in a symbol. You are still able to set the parameters thru the OIP as if it were a PIO.

Man those abbr. are tricky to use. egads.

Are there specific tools/symbols you are looking for? If so, we can help you out as to where they might be if they are available in Foundation.

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The Property Line Tool is exclusive to VW Architect and Landmark and are not available thru the workspace editor.

Generally, you aren't going to use the Property Line Tool unless you have either Architect or Landmark, thus decided to make it exclusive to those IP products.

[ 08-09-2002: Message edited by: Katie ]

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Katie--we bought regular VW as we have all along through each updated version...and we are Architects. NNA didn't make it known, atleast to us, that tools were moving to more industry specific versions. Is it possible to buy plug-ins individually to customize Plain Old VW or to upgrade to VW Architect? Thanks for your time.

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You need to contact our Sales team at 1-888-646-4223 and speak to one of the guys over there about purchased VWA. If you have VW 9.5.0 or later, you will not need a new CD since Architect is on it, you just need a serial number to unlock the install. If you don't have VW 9.5.2 I would suggest getting that sent to you with your purchase of VWA.

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I believe that if you go to http://www.monitor.net/~dbelfm/propline.htm you can still find a scrip called PropLine 1.09MCD.sit.hqx This scrip will draw the property line via worksheet input, label the distances and draw the north arrow - all on a separate layer.

I have "architect" and I use this script - I have no idea who wrote it , where it came from, or even how I found it.



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Fred, thanks for the link however it does not seem to work????i too was a bit shocked at what "BASIC" tools were removed from VW (primarily the property line tool)as an architectural firm we use vw for 2-D drafting primarily thus no need for the full ARCHITECT package (as advised by sales) until we tried to do our first site plan?

another question off topic is i note a lot of referrences to the next release of VW to fix bugs, incorporate new marketing schemes, is this going to be vw10 or a patch onto 9.5 it would seem to me that a number of people are really dissappointed in 9 so far and to expect us to upgrade to a new version is a little over the top. in our office we have 10 licenses and i am the only one who uses 9.5 this is primarily due to lack of printing support so while you may state that vw is bug free the entire process for digital file to hardcopy is not.

my 2centsalistair

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actually suzanne, what i have found usefull in regards to the missing plug-ins is to perform the operations that i require in VW8 and then import or copy paste or even open in VW9. i find it a perfect example "incredible flexibility" metioned by previous users.

it works with property bounds.

unforyunately, moving the plugin from your 8 library to 9 DOES NOT WORK.


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