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invisible text in 3D


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I am drawing patent drawings. I drew a tank, then did an isometric rotation to show off the features. I tried to put text "Fig. 3" on the dwg, but the text is invisible.

I tried layer plane and screen plane with the same result.

Apparently, there is no text there (as opposed to being invisible), since I cannot select it for deletion.

Would appreciate suggestions.

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Could be couple things. First make sure that your default line is set to Black (not white) as that will effect text as well. Second check the size of the font (could be very very small?).

Also, try this instead: Create your Iso View, then choose Create Viewport from the the view menu (choose New Sheet Layer for the location). Then, in the sheet layer, double click (or right click) on the new Viewport and then choose Edit Annotations. Then add your text in the annotations of the viewport...

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