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The Ideal computer

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I have the opportunity to request the ideal workstation to work with vectorworks. I am limited to Dell computers.

Anyone have suggestions for what to wish for. Should I go for dual proccessors? I would like to get into even more 3d and perhaps some animation. How much memory is enough? Is there something in particular I should request. What about two monitors more hassle than benefit.

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I'd go for a Dell Precision 530 with 2.4 GHz Xeon with XP pro. Dual processors won't do you any good with VW - the program doesn't support it. I have found that dual monitors is a huge help and I will never go back to only one if I can help it. Having a super-duper video card is not much benifit either (unless you're playing max payne or quake at work) any of the ATI or nVidea cards that support dual monitors should work just fine. When you are working with the Renderworks plug-in for rendering and animation RAM is king, go for 1 GB or even more. You can't have too much RAM. By the way Dell is not the place to buy RAM, you can save a lot of money by buying a machine with the basic RAM then buying additional chips from any of the 300 or so places that sell it much cheaper. (crucial.com for instance)

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I wish that was an offer that NNA would make. grin.gif" border="0

In general, Windows XP or 2K, lots of RAM. Dual CPU's won't do VectorWorks much good, but other programs you use might.

In my very unscientific testing. I found the original ATI Radeion (I haven't tried a new one with VW myself) allot slower for screen redraws and 2D work than the equivalent nVidia card of it's day. Consequently I would guess that nVidia cards are still probably the better choice.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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