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distribute evenly along arc

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I am trying to help someone who lost their VectorWorks book do what I imagine is probably simple to do... but we have been having trouble making it happen.

Basically what we're trying to do is design theatre seating. The seats will be evently spaced in a semi-circle... evenly distributing the chairs along an arc.

Here is a simple picture:


The squares = the seats

The arc is what we'd like to have the seats evenly distributed/attached along.

So instead of manually measuring and dragging and dropping the squares exactly onto the arc where the seats need to go, we'd like it to snap to a grid along the arc evenly spaced.

We have been trying to figure this out by exploring different areas of the program, but of course, without really knowing what we are doing it's easy to get lost in such a complex program.

How would we make this work?

I am assuming it is not a difficult task, but I really don't have any idea myself!

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can provide!

(We are using Vectorworks 11 on Mac OS X.)

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Draw the arc

Place a seating symbol somewhere in the drawing.

Select both.

Edit > Duplicate Along Path... >

Use the Duplicate Along Path dialog box to:

1. Make sure the arc is highlighted as the path object

2. Enter the number of duplicates.

3. A starting offset, if desired

4. Check "Tangent to Path"



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If you have either architect or spotlight versions of VW, you can also use the Create Seating Layout Tool (AEC menu - Architect or Spotlight Menu) Simply draw shapes that are the seating layout and run the command. Select a symbol that represents your chair and choose Concentric in the Object Info Palette. Then you can adjust a handle for the focal point to adjust the layout to the desired.



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The Create Seating Layout Tool works up to a point.

I tried to draw seating in an existing Auditorium wherre I have the AutoCAD drawing.

To get the seating correct I edited the Layout to either add or remove a chair and ended up having seperate rows.

Lot of time was spent to do this eventhough the tool helped the process to get a starting point.

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