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Window configuration

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I cannot for the life of me create a window to look like this with the window tool.

I am keen to have a real representation and a scheduled object at the same time.

I am sick and tired of having to settle for something that does not either look right or have to have further additions added outside the parameters of the object which if it needs to be updated negates part of the use of having objects.

One day, I will rant and be mightily embarrassed and proved wrong as this (of these) things can be done.

Bring it on, prove me wrong!

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There is the "Sliding Sash (upper and lower)" sash operation, so you're scheduling is sorted.

As to the 2D representation you're right it doesn't offer that. But are you referring to the dotted line representing the other sash or are you referring to the high level of detail in general?

If you're referring to the high level of detail there is an argument that we don't yet have the computing power or network speeds to deal with that kind of detail in a BIM and that it should be dealt with as part of the detailing process instead.

However, I'd argue we could deal with more detail than VW currently offers in this situation. Just not as much as is shown in your screenshot.

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Ah, the old box sash window with 'checked' reveal.

Christiaan is right that the level of detail required isn't something that can be expected of a BIM window just yet. BUT checked reveals should be available, otherwise:

- the masonry opening can't be scheduled (it's different on the inner leaf and the outer leaf with a checked reveal)

- the frame appearance is completely wrong on elevation (the frame is mostly hidden with a checked reveal)

So how common are box sashes and checked reveals in the UK?...box sashes not so common now, but checked reveals are standard practice in Scotland.

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I work a lot in central London. Rarely when we are abel to replace windows they must be the same style and look of what is existing. Hence needing to get a drawn representation right.

I saw the option in the schedule, but I need the drawn part also. It must be in good details for when it is referenced.

Perhaps limitations in VW (I say that as i am not an experienced user). BUt seeing such detail in other CAD packages when detailing BIM information, so much more can be shown and more importantly, if such plugins do not exist you can create your own with its specific parameters.

I am massively interested in BIM and have expired many large projects on Revit

Things like this http://continuingeducation.construction.com/article.php?L=192&C=622 see line picture. If my little laptop can take things like this on and take into account all other parties information and rotate then VW needs to catch up (can't render at any decent speed it seems (My laptop)).

I have just learnt in the office, what I need to do is place the window as usual for the scheduling. Then I draw and create my details window, have a fill and place it on top. When if anything changes, we all know there are two window classes that need to be taken into account.

Oh bumsie!

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