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You might like to put them in separate files. There are various reasons VW pushes you toward this way of doing things. One of them is the ability to control the storey heights separately for each building.

You can then create viewports of each building in the same files or you can reference them all into one file, build a site model with and then create any view you like.

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Chris D:

I have a site plan - my drawings need to show the whole site, but I need to show options,i.e. drawing to show the footprint of one building and another drawing without that building. Same with the floorplans. Project is a remodel of an existing dwelling with proposed two design options for an external granny flat.


I've yet to try this approach but it seems to be an accepted workflow option. I'm not sure why we can't just create the topography to the standard datum (AHD in Aus) and have all our levels also to AHD. Creating topography in one file, and referencing a building from another file, without using the same datum seems nonsense to me.

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