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color correction with print

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I'm trying to print a project presentation in a print shop. We are exporting the project to PDF and JPEG, and in both cases we are getting prints that are very different from what we see on the VW screen.

What is the best way to sync the on-screen colors to the print-shop printer? Is there an option to correct colors in VW?

We are using VW 2010.



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This might not be VW problem

I know from experience and help from a Graphic Designer that you can never go on what is shown on screen as the screen resulotion and colors are not the printing colors.

This is the reason for print proofs when design goes for print.

It is the printer that determans the color of the print.

Then again they should not differ that much but will never be exact.

Would help if you add some info regarding what you use like I have in my Signature, Im sure it will help the more advanced members on here like the Mods to give a correct solution on your problem

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This problem could be:

1) VW colour profiling issue

2) Uncalibrated monitor

Difference should not be that great.

I bet it's an RGB(VW) to CMYK(print shop) colour shifting issue.

If it is, then it may be because VW lacks the capability to let you choose what colour profile to use in a file. Therefore, you need to try and correct outside of VW. If you have Acrobat, then there are several save options you can try - in effect, you are using Distiller to create the pdf (not VW).

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