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Cut and Fill Calculations

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Hmmm am I the only one that checks Cut and Fill Quants?

Guess it doesnt matter if all we're talking about is a couple of trailer loads->$100,in one case VW was out 250,000 m3->$1 millon (Badluck)

"Leader in Site Design" is a bold statement any comments (your tube Video) from NNA?

Have you filed a bug report on this issue?

LOL looks like everyone has but you? ...dont get caught (Without checking VW/Archicad Data) with a fixed price job or it might send you bankrupt-HTH

Data checking is a $Billion industry mate...simplified graphical methods sure beats triple intergrals

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Rossford, Hmmm .....designing golf courses would certainly be more challenging than your average house slab.Here my 2 cents

-As tasmin said dont use the polygon tool,its prone to errors and over large areas you need to check C/F.Try grids N's,E's and +/-Z

-The same co-ord's can be sent into Spreadsheets to extrapolate further data and basically used to check VW.

-Finally try using the same co-ord's in maplesoft,I would guess there are a lot of variables that would need to be considered, analysed and optimized when designing the very best Golf courses. Math based equations alleviates Guess and Checks involved in the other 2 methods and its the most accurate way. Sorry to say cant stand golf.


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Thanks. Basically we put ex and prop site modifiers in separate layers, so I think we have that covered. We just break up the site into 3 to 18 little site models to keep our points down, and do use the simpify 3D Poly extensively. We do like to start with the smoother 2D bezier polylines for smoothness (like our old hand drawings) and reduce vertices until they just look too blocky.

I guess we are on the right track, but keep looking for faster workflows, like using pads for tees, which are level. It usually works, but every so often, we get results we cannot explain!


Looked at the Maplesoft website, and didn't see a product directly aimed at Cut and Fill. I do know others who put the data in other cut and fill programs other than VW. I am resisting that, but will note that we should have all our CF calcs pass the smell test before accepting them....

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Maplesoft isnt for everyone and your simulations would need to be "custom developed"


-Developing layout (data) ultimately can be as simple as drag and drop

-Fast workflows and extremely accurate,so you start with the right data

-great (better than excel) 3D data graphing/visualization



-No drawing tools

-Doesnt talk to VW (That can be a good thing, but you can create simple effective workflows that the Pros/Developers can understand)

Finally you'r in control and you own the GC Design sims.(positive note)

Any way its food for thought,start with a spreadsheet and move up.

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