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Worksheet Formatting Scripts

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OK @michaelk, it is noted for the possible bugs under 2021, but the formatting of the cells already seems to work.
I would do tests and clean the profusion of functions offered.

And good luck for your mission to sort and classify your mountain of plugins, it's good to have projects in life 😂

If one day you arrive at the end of your task, I am interested 😊


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After a mere 10 years (!) of using these worksheet formatting scripts I've finally gotten around to turning some of them into menu commands so I can have keyboard shortcuts for the most used scripts.  


Can't believe it took me this long.


If anyone else is interested, you can download them here.

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Thanks so much for this. (I haven't loaded it yet, but will as soon as I have some time on my plate!!) 


This is wonderful, but also makes me want to cry.  I have been using vectorworks for decades now, and was just doing some worksheet intensive stuff, so went looking for what I hoped was simply how to add 'merge cells' and 'wrap text' and maybe just a few others to my right click menu...   Is that possible?  (Why wouldn't they have made basic fixes like a simple tool bar or right-click option? The worksheet formatting is still so terrible after all these years.) My other wish is that when you 'undo', it doesn't reposition the worksheet to the top so you can't see the 'undo' occuring.    

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