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  1. Hello @Vlaval , Here in pictures how I do it (here with a V.2020 US from VectorWorks). I do not know if it's very orthodox, but it works for me ... I don't know what the developers think about it? Formerly on the old versions of VectorWorks, the plant database was editable with the data from the object info palette and also from the spreadsheet. Now it's locked and suddenly it has become quite heavy and painful to edit the characteristics of the plants (SKU, price, remarks in particular). At your disposal and disposition to improve this plant tools that could be a real bomb, but whose complexity and randomness must repel a lot of landscapers who use so "simple" symbols ... Cordially. Edgar RAMEL Sorry if the syntax is not very good, but I am French-speaking, it is our friend Google who speaks for me in the language of Shakespeare... 😉
  2. Hello @Vlaval, I have no rounding in the resource manager (in 2020 at least) cf. attached screenshot. If ever, you can try to modify the units of the database to get to what you want as in the attached screenshot. Cordially. Edgar
  3. Hello, I found this solution to work around the problem for the moment. By modifying the properties of the "sum" field of the "plant record" database by indicating a numeric format without a decimal point, this eliminates the problem in the labels. Hoping that it will not create any more ... My screenshot is on French VW 2020 SP1.1 to see for the US version. Good evening. Edgar
  4. Same problem for me ... Still no fix since June?
  5. Hello, I noticed the same problem. This is not reproducible and appears a bit randomly. You have to restart so that it does not happen. Looks like there is an OpenGL cache or something that bug after a while and the restart erases it.
  6. Hello, Great job 👏, your rocks are beautiful! Thank you for sharing and good idea for the pooling space.
  7. Hello, I have a problem that has bothered me for several years now and I wanted to know if you had a solution for me. I use two screens with a Nvidia Quadro card. One for drawing, the other for tool palettes, resource managers and layers explorer. At each standby of the screens, the palettes of the secondary screen are found on the main screen and I have to put them back on the second screen. In the long run it's really boring and it takes time every time. If you have the solution, I'm interested. Looking forward to your return. Cordially. Edgar RAMEL
  8. Hello everyone, I confirm that the asterisk * works well to replace a string of characters. I use it in the example table above. Indeed a summary of the syntaxes posdible in the formulas would be good.
  9. Hello, Pat, More than three in general. On the script side, I'm not really good at it. 😓
  10. Hello, It is indeed embarrassing to have to go through the table formula to delete a selection criterion in the tables. On my side, I found the following trick: I change the filter value to the same as the one at the end of the criteria list. And deletes the last redundant line by asking for fewer criteria. I hope I've made myself clear. Attached are some screenshots in French. In the same vein, since 2018 or 2019, it is no longer possible to simply change the sort order of the columns by dragging the sort number of the column headers... do you have any tracks for that? And finally, it would be really nice to be able to use criteria filter operators on classes and layers with a syntax like "starts with..." or "contains" or "does not contain". Without entering the formula bar and use the asterisk symbol it is not possible.... And this principle could be applied to all windows and dialogues where there are sorting or selections to be made. Thanks to the readers (users or developers) for telling me if they have solutions for this. Sincerely. Edgar RAMEL Landscop design Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  11. Same comment for me. Indeed the mix of plants works well in 3D, it would be ideal that it also works in 2D.


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