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Ha ha ha...funny default content

Chris D

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Oh, you americans with your funny kitchen units. I love that the default content provided with our UK copies of VW is american style cabinetry, but in metric dimensions...what's the point of this??

Can we do better with the next release please.

[Comments about our local distributor doing this are not welcome]

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I've found this mildly amusing too. I remember when stairs used to come in imperial measurement only. In the next release we got stairs that were in millimetres but they were still the same size as the previous imperial stairs. Only in the next release did we actually get metric stairs (e.g. 900 mm wide).

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You know, one of our guys came back from a BIM seminar last week announcing that Sketchup was the future of BIM. We all laughed. Then today I googled 3D models of UK kitchen cabinets. Yup right there in the Sketchup 3D warehouse...full UK kitchen units range in standard sizes:


Now Sketchup is starting a long way behind Revit in BIM functionality, but how far behind Vectorworks is it?.....

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