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ETC Symbols

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I've been looking everywhere for these symbols, and I cannot find them. At all. Can anyone help me find a source for these symbols, or will I have to somehow make them myself? I've seen them all over the place, in just about every professional plot that I've found.

I've been told elsewhere that these are default symbols, but they are not in my library from when I downloaded the program. If they are, where can I redownload these library files?

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These are not the exact symbols that ship with Vectorworks Spotlight, although they are similar, at least the ETC profile. If you are looking for the ETC database on the mac in a standard VW Spotlight 2011 install find it in:

/Applications/Vectorworks 2011/Libraries/Objects-Entertainment/Lighting-ETC.vwx (sorry I can't help for a windows install, but it should be similar). If you don't have this file and the others like it, you add it again with the app's installer.

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Hello Jack;

Steve Shelley here. Welcome to the Forum. When you have a moment, update your profile with your vw version and machine info; that way, when you have questions, folks will already know your "attributes".

The ETC symbols that ship with Vectorworks Spotlight are quite helpful. but there are a lot of other lighting symbols out there. a google search for "theatrical lighting symbols" will get you on your way.

That said, I've just released a pair of libraries which many consider an symbol library enhancement. The SoftSymbols ETC 3.5 Combo Pack includes a more extensive selection and diversity of symbols for both the ETC and ETC-Selador product lines.

The ETC object library includes complete sets of the conventional fixtures with both numbers/text in the lens, or old-school slashes. there are complete sets, distinguishing between 575w and 750w. There's a second set of 70w HID fixtures. The SoftSymbols ETC object library also includes filled 14 degree Source Four ellipsoidals, and the popular Revolution fixture.

The ETC-Selador object library includes several additional product lines: The complete product lines of Pearl, Fire, Ice, Desire 40, Desire 40XT, and Desire 60 fixtures. Additional 3D symbols allow fixtures to be drawn in "top view" [mounted vertically] as well as "sitting on the deck".

All SoftSymbols are designed with a consistent line weight, and include SoftMap pdf's as graphic reference guides, along with Softdata excel pdf's showing filtered Light Info Record data [exported directly from the resources].

For more information, please examine the post in the "3rd Party Services" Forum. pitch>

Contact me off-list should you require any other information.


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Hi Jack,

I have a copy of these that I use, if you would like them, please email me at

mail (at) johnathanrainsforth dot co dot uk


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