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RW background not reflecting in mirror object/texture


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Have you tried HDRI BGs? They work pretty well with reflections that are behind the camera etc., as you can see the (sky) background behind you.

Alternatively, I have done in the past, where I wanted a certain reflection (golf course fairway and vegetation in my case) and not the HDRI sky, I placed a large Image prop (showing the view I want to see in my reflection) behind the camera (or where ever the reflection comes from). If tweaked just right, you would get some realistic reflections. Stress on the LARGENESS of the image prop!

I actually used a mixture of both methods for my scenes, but you should be able to do something similar with a standard BG as well...

Is this what you were looking for?

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As far as I understood:

- a HDRI Background s a Dome and therefore reflecting in the Surfaces of the Object

- a Backgorund is just ---> in the Back! so there is nothing to be reflected


I like this:


others sell paperones..

Regards Horst M.

Edited by Horst M.
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