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  1. Hi, HDRI and image props does reflect. BUT - what if the image is not an HDR? I still don't understand why simple image background would not reflect same as HDRI.... Thanks
  2. The mirror texture reflects everything else perfectly. However, the BG image is "calculated" (through a window) at the end, so it skips the reflection in the mirror object. Any suggestions how to work this around?
  3. Now i get the following messages on every file i save. Any suggestions??
  4. I tried the batch-convert command. after few files i get a popup message: "this file was created by an illegal copy of VW and now is corrupted". I have a legal copy with a dongel. always had! and the files mentioned are pretty new (from the past year or two, versions 2010, 2008). I thought maybe one file is corrupted...but it kept doing it to more files. I stopped the process immediately before i lose more files.... Is this a bug???
  5. Is your computer runs in English only or other languages as well? Did you try switching user?
  6. It is a major issue and an obstacle using VW that can't support file transactions with correct font / language support between VW files and DWG. The problem is on both Mc and PC. On Mac - The problem is more acute since the use of Hebrew is almost impossible even in usual drawing.
  7. I totally support the view/batch render issue ! There must be a way to connect between the two. And also: -to edit/update multiple batch render options. -to create batch render from multiple views or cameras, with the same preferences.
  8. So..... we use the sophisticated new stair tool that can't make the basic? hmmmm...... :-(
  9. In old versions it was possible to see dashed-line for upper/level stairs. Is it possible in the new stair tool? couldn't find it...
  10. OK. got it. Section VP on sheet layer defines from design layer in the fact the you can't render only the VP. The control goes from rendering modes and not info pallet.It means you render the layer. But still.... it looks like cuts being made in the old cut command years ago...
  11. Peter, It didn't affect the VP on the design layer. un-checking the "display objects beyond view plane" shows that the extra lines are from the windows. It looks like a bug. since section VP on sheet is ok....
  12. on sheet layer it looks smooth an clean on design layer looks bad with extra lines any suggestions? is it a bug?
  13. Shawn, The file was created by another architect on a previous version.They used simple 2D objects. They draw in 2D using openings. no textures. no classes or layers. I replaced or updated almost everything. So i doubt if it's a texture issue. Possible issues: walls -> i used their old objects but added wall styles and textures windows and doors -> i used what they put, but edited settings and classes. The render does not crash.It stops with the prompt: "error: cinema 4D not enough memory"...
  14. Update: Before checking for corrupted objects - I exported the file to VW2010. It renders final-quality in minutes, no crashing, no memory issues !!!
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