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Wall Insertion Symbol

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Is there anyway to insert a symbol such as a window or door into a wall and not have it take on the class of the wall? Specifically, when creating viewports of a drawing, there are times when we want to grey the layer of the wall but not a door or window. But when we use the wall insertion method of placing the symbols, they will grey out when we change the wall class to grey.

The actual symbol does not acquire the actual wall class attributes, just seems to be when turning layers on/off/grey?

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Hi Rick

since no one has replied just yet I thought i would give you my thoughts.

I have not been able to create the scenario you are looking for in the way you described in your post but what you can do is...

1) Create a new layer for these objects

2) go to your layer with your inserted objects and select all those objects.

3)copy all the objects

4) go to your new layer and "paste in place" all the objects you copied.

They are now all on their own layer and you can do what you like with them. Don't forget to go to your OIP and and make sure you they don't show up on your schedule or you will have double what you need.

Hope that Helps


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I have made up a quick file showing the issue I was talking about in the original post. There seems to be an inconsistency in terms of viewing "Inserted" Objects when Graying out classes.

When an wall is grayed out, the inserted object becomes grayed out even though it is on a different class.

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