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Creating a Pillow/Cushion For round seating

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make a 2d poly the shape of the cushion

< i guess the shape of the seat plus or minus a little? >


extrude it to the cushion thickness


use the "fillet edge tool" to fillet the top and/or

bottom edges of the extrusion. you can set the radius

of the fillet as you use the tool in the [...] option


the extrusion then becomes a fillet and the radius

can be adjusted in the OIP

hope this is what you're looking for...

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If you want more a a Sofalike Cushion,

you could try the Loft Tool

- Extract the Curves of the Corner

- Create a Nurbscurve for the Cushion Section

- Use the Birail Loft, with Create Solid checked

- Mirror the result to get the lower Portion of the cushion.

regards Horst M.

Edited by Horst M.
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