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How to create window panes in a round/square shape window tool?

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Hi, I'm using vectorworks 2009 (bit of a newbie) I'm trying to create windows using the window tool. I have managed to create a 6x6 pane window in the sqaure shape. But can't figure out how to do the same for the round window.

I have attached a picture of the windows to show you what I am aiming for.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks :)

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Click on the Settings button in the OIP. Go to Classes. Check which class the glazing is assigned to. Exit the dialog. Now go to the Class Setup dialog and make sure that the Class (from previous step) is set to use a clear glass texture, and that it's set to Use at Creation... Then re-render...

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thanks, yeah I'm steadily learning ;)

I'm onto stairs next ...i'm using a platform U shape stairs. But i wanted to create 3 or 4 platforms in between each set of steps to get up to the next level and it appears to only give one platform in the preview box..

Do you know what I have to change to do this?

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Hi, just to add to this - if I need to create a completely round window, how's that done? There seems to be no library at all for circular windows. I tried creating a half round and then using the mirror tool but it's no good. Then I tried to copy the half round and rotate it but still with no success. So, any ideas anyone??

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I do not believe this is possible with the standard VW window plug-in (If it is, someone please comment). I usually create a symbol of my 'completely round' window and 'convert' it to a window plug-in, so it reads as a window in wall, and not just symbol in wall...

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