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3D tool expectations

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Maybe I should have put the following in the Wish List Forum, but as a mechanical user I am wondering if anyone else shares my frustration with the following:

3D Hole Tools

What is the logic of the 3D tapped hole tool? I am looking at the surface in which I want to put the hole, I have marked the position where the centre of the hole would be and then use the tool to add the hole. Rather than show the circle on the plane, it shows the side view of the thread.

I would expect a 3D hole tool to enable you to select the face of the 3D solid in which the hole is to go and then the hole be added from that face into the 3D object. I order to add holes at an angle to the surface then there may be a parameter to define the angle of entry and perhaps orientation.

Surely a 3D hole should be added perpendicular to the selected working plane.

Also, as the tool is defined as a hole, why does it not automatically subtract the hole from the solid to which it is added.

This seem to be the same with all of the 3D fastener tools

Hole Pattern Tool

Another question of login for a tool. Using this tool, when the cursor hovers over a face on a 3D object, the face is highlighted. The logic to me is that the hole pattern would be applied to the surface of the face selected, not the X-Y plane of the working plane. Why have the ease of use of face selection if you still have to keep moving working planes to do things that you could do dynamically using selected faces.

I know that someone will probably say that this is a 2D tool, but it is still useful in 3D to locate the position of holes before using the 3D hole tool (assuming it worked as you would expect as well.

I assume that the architects don't use these tools otherwise they would probably work as you would expect them to.

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It is one of the many areas that underlines the fact that VW is really based as an architectural program and you're probably right that if more people used these tools there would be more interest and more focus on making them more useful.

I have been banging on about the nuts and bolt tools for ages but sadly to no avail. At least now they seem less likely to re-align themselves to the ground plane after they have been inserted, but trying to get them to insert directly onto the desired plane is not straight forward.

On that, and you may already do this, if you select the plane with the plane select tool, then click on the bolt tool (the plane will revert to the ground plane after tool selection) and then re-select the original plane you selected (using the drop down menu and selecting 'working plane") the bolt should then be aligned to the y-axis of that plane. A help but not ideal.

As for automatically subtracting the hole, every other software I have looked at does this, why VW doesn't is not clear, but logic would imply that if you're using the hole tool then you will inevitably want to remove the hole from the object.

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..... and then re-select the original plane you selected (using the drop down menu and selecting 'working plane")......

Made a mistake here, it's the back arrow on the 'Working Plane' palette window to get back to the preselected plane.

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i've never bothered with the hole tool coz of the trouble it caused, i just extrude a circle then do a Solid Subtract. A lot of fuss maybe, but if you draw your 2D circle in the view you wish the hole in, then there is no hassle of realignment, it's always where you want it.

Do the same for threaded holes. Use a screw!

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