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  1. Thanks for reminding me to update my signature. The comments and example I posted the other day was made with VW 2012. It was done in design layer. I have not tried copying data in a view port, or items that are greyed out. I am using VW2012 SP3 (Build 157127).
  2. I tried this with Word and Filemaker Pro. All was fine in both instances. I assume the sketch was something like the attached. I did not that in Word that the picture did not show properly unless you were in Print Layout View.
  3. Bill, The attached sheet is an old worksheet that we used last century when I was designing screw feeders. Hope it is of use.
  4. VW has a far too much ground to make up in the machine design world and with the obvious move to move away from it should be enough for us to make the decision to move on. I have made the decision to move across to Solid Edge (even though it means having to run a virtual machine to get it to work on my mac). I will still probably find uses for VW in the short term as I use it for simple technical sketches for reports, etc, but as the amount of true 3D modelling takes hold and I can see that it is only a matter of time before it gets relegated to the occasionally used basket. It is sad as it's user interface is still one of the main reasons I chose VW in the first place. It is the 3D modelling side that is really letting it down for those of us int he mechanical engineering domain. Good luck to those who continue to persevere.
  5. I still find it difficult to take a 3D object such as a length of pipe and be able to locate the ends in 3D space if the pipe is not is one of the X,Y,Z directions. This is typical of a plugin object or 3D symbol. I would like to be able to select handles that you lock at one end and select a point is space with the other, thereby allowing the user to select the rotation without having to specify an angle.
  6. Maybe I should have put the following in the Wish List Forum, but as a mechanical user I am wondering if anyone else shares my frustration with the following: 3D Hole Tools What is the logic of the 3D tapped hole tool? I am looking at the surface in which I want to put the hole, I have marked the position where the centre of the hole would be and then use the tool to add the hole. Rather than show the circle on the plane, it shows the side view of the thread. I would expect a 3D hole tool to enable you to select the face of the 3D solid in which the hole is to go and then the hole be added from that face into the 3D object. I order to add holes at an angle to the surface then there may be a parameter to define the angle of entry and perhaps orientation. Surely a 3D hole should be added perpendicular to the selected working plane. Also, as the tool is defined as a hole, why does it not automatically subtract the hole from the solid to which it is added. This seem to be the same with all of the 3D fastener tools Hole Pattern Tool Another question of login for a tool. Using this tool, when the cursor hovers over a face on a 3D object, the face is highlighted. The logic to me is that the hole pattern would be applied to the surface of the face selected, not the X-Y plane of the working plane. Why have the ease of use of face selection if you still have to keep moving working planes to do things that you could do dynamically using selected faces. I know that someone will probably say that this is a 2D tool, but it is still useful in 3D to locate the position of holes before using the 3D hole tool (assuming it worked as you would expect as well. I assume that the architects don't use these tools otherwise they would probably work as you would expect them to.
  7. Ray, the file I exported included design and sheet layers. The model was drawing in 1:1 and the view port on the sheet layer was also 1:1 (the drawing was a P&ID schematic where I create the overall schematic in model space and then block out areas using viewports on sheet layers to make the set of drawings)
  8. Xcode would be the obvious choice. I agree that the website reference needs to be updated. Thanks.
  9. I initially did not use 'map line weight to colours' as I was exporting for ACAD 2011 (ACAD for mac in particular). I subsequently did try using colour mapping. The problem with using this method for ACAD for mac is that the assignment of colours to lineweights for plotting in ACAD for mac requires definition in a plot table and ACAD for mac does not allow you to create plot tables.
  10. I have exported several drawings to DWG and on each occasion have had problems with the line thickness that appears in the DWG file. The 0.7mm line thickness used in VW appears like it has been drawn with crayon when the DWG file is opened. Is this a problem with the export mapping? Is there anyway to stop this from happening?
  11. I have a recurring problem in that the VW titleblock that I use has a mult-line text box in it and when it is exported it appears as a single line of text in ACAD. I also have this problem in notes, etc. Is there any way to have the exported multiline text from VW appear as multline text in ACAD when opened?
  12. If we are talking about Machine Design specific applications for the mac environment then there is really no news that I know of, other than that ACAD for mac is now out (but that is not truly a vertical application). While there are a number of applications in the Windows environment that are more suited to Machine Design, these ate yet to be translated to the Mac environment. These have been discussed in a number of other threads.
  13. I am just looking to get into plug-in development. I note that the Nemetschek website says that "The Vectorworks SDK requires Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows development and/or Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Macintosh development" The Metrowerks Codewarrior for Mac is no longer available or supported and has not been for some time. Are alternate C++ products supported. If so, can anyone advise which packages are suitable?
  14. I have tried that but I was slack in documenting what I had done and can't remember the actual name of the record format. Will keep on looking.
  15. Some time ago (a couple of years ago) I created a custom titleblock with custom fields. I have recently noticed that one of the fields is incorrectly mapped to the records. I cannot seem to find the record format for the titleblock. Does anyone know how the record formats for the custom titleblocks are stored or where to find them?
  16. Despite the apparent demise of the standalone Machine Design product line in VW, the new release of AutoCAD for Mac does little for me. Although we have all had a few things to complain about in VW2011, it is still one of the easiest CAD packages to use, and for those old enough to have used board and paper, still matches the old drafting model. Now we need to improve the export capabilities of VW to make it even easier to provide our clients with files in the format that they want with us using the CAD package of our choice.
  17. If you do the dimensioning on the model in the design layer, how do you handle inset type details at a different scale? Is this what you use the viewports for?
  18. In the early days when model space was introduced to a number of CAD packages the focus was on drawing the model in 1:1 and using the sheet layers or paper space with viewports to provide the scale and apply text in one scale (1:1 on the paper or sheet). One the biggest problems that I have had importing drawings from other CAD systems into VW is when the drawings and details are drawn in model space and various scales and dim scales are used. I see it as a step backward putting the dimensions and annotations on the design layer and then viewing in the viewport. But it does explain to me why people would want to scale the model rather than use 1:1 scale.
  19. Are you saying that the 3D dimensioning only works in the design layers and cannot be added as a viewport annotation on a sheet layer?
  20. As there are no plans to develop any of the tools it would be nice of Nemetschek to provide open access to the existing tools so that third party developers can at least build on the good work done so far. It would be a pity to be forced to move onto a different platform when so much improvement has occurred in the overall platform.
  21. With the demise of MD and its incorporation in Designer, do we still get the equivalent MD library of parts like the spur gear tools, bearings, etc, etc?
  22. Well Machine Design has been retired and incorporated in the Designer Series. There is no specific mention of any of the old Machine Design tools in any of the literature nor any examples. What do the old Machine Designers get for their money other than the general feature improvements?
  23. Thanks Guy. I had used the glass texture before but this gives me a few more options.
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