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VW2008 Export PDF - Font Issues

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Our practice use Helvetica font for all text and dims.

If a file / sheet is exported as a PDF certain letters come out incorrectly. If the font Arial is used there is no such problem.

If the file / sheet is printed and then saved as a PDF (Mac OS) then there is no issue.

Is there a setting or font mapping missing that causes the export function to work incorrectly?

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In VW2011 I would go to the VW Preferences, Pick the Display tab and click the Edit Font Mapping. I would then make sure that nothing it mapped to Helvetica and that Helvetica is not mapped to anything else.

Procedure in VW2008 should be similar.

I don't know if this will solve the problem, but it would be my first step in trouble shooting.

Second step would be to go to FontBook and make sure you only have one copy of Helvetica installed on the machine and to verify (Not sure if that is the right term) it to make sure it is not damaged.

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PDF can't embed a font if it has copyright restrictions, so it may switch to a similar substitute. Helvetica is an old proprietary font which was used on computers before PDF embedding made it possible to attach the font-drawing codes to a document.

In your Font folder, right-click or control-click on the Helvetica icon and look at the font information. If it says anything about embed restrictions, then you'll have to use Arial, which is usually not restricted.

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