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  1. Christiaan, I would have to agree. Although may I put forward a question for discussion (with fear of being brought down by the VW police) "VW has a long way to go before it can truly be considered a viable software solution for the BIM process."
  2. Dworks, thanks for the reply. We understand the rotated view is a temporary setting ( a poor mans UCS in AutoCAD speak ), but i would not expect this result to occur when simply saving a file. This and other issues we find with rotated views (i.e. add and clip surfaces giving unexpected results, space tools placing the tag line at world origin, align tools not working), these give me concerns over the reliability of VW when using rotated views. I don't want to appear to be VW bashing, I just want to highlight an issue that to us as a practice is very important. As such, I would be interested to know how others work with sites that are not aligned to the world coordinates and if anyone else has experienced similar issues.
  3. We have found an issue with viewport referenced drawings wandering in drawings when using rotated views. For example, using three separate files: Drawing A - Structural Gird. Drawing B - House Plan. Drawing C - Site Plans. If Drawing A is viewport referenced into Drawing B and then Drawing B is viewport referenced into Drawing C all is fine. However, if Drawing A or B is saved whilst in a rotated view the viewport reference in Drawing C will move from its original position. We have submitted this to VSS and Nemetschek, however I was wondering if anone else has had issues with multiple references and rotated views?
  4. Following on from the above, we have found that when upgrading spaces from 2008 to 2011 the tags can sometimes become corrupted. There appear to be two tags on top of each other. To rectify this, we have to select a space individually, click on the settings button on the object info palette and then simply press OK, without actually changing anything. As with the above, its almost like we need a 're-draw and update' button. Has anyone else come across this?
  5. Has anyone else found the space tags a little 'sticky'. I've placed a series of spaces using the Space-Tag Simple tag, all is fine. But if I edit the space tag (by editing the symbol) the changes don't occur with all the occurrences of this tag. It would appear that I have to click on the space, go to settings from the object info palette and then simply click ok, but this only updates the one occurrence selected. It's as if the software isn't rippling the changes through the symbols. This also occurs if you apply text styles to the text within the space tag. Has anyone else found this or a solution?
  6. Bob H, How do you update any changes to the notes? The reconcile tool only flags up differences, it doesn't auto update.
  7. Does anyone use the notes database?
  8. Oh dear. Revit and AutoCad can do all that and more and more importantly they can create these files types more easily and predictably.But clearly that's not what this forum is about. VW isn't bad, that's clear. But it definitely has some fundemental issues such as door types, notes database etc that until resolved will bug many a user. As for interoperability, dwgs from VW are notoriously poor quality. It would appear that if VW is criticised for having an issue it's the users fault.
  9. To be fair it's actually very easy. But this is a VW forum and I'd prefer to see VW improve so that there is competition amongst the software, but I'm not sure where VW are headed. It seems a bit jack of all trades master of none.
  10. I've been trying to use the notes database for all my NBS Specifications, which on the face of it seemed ok. However, when it comes to updating the database things become rather tortuous in that there is no way for all the notes to update automatically - which was the main reason for going down this route. In short, can VW 'link' to an external text based file and auto update when a drawing is opened?
  11. Hi, I've used Revit for 5 years, Autocad for 6 years and microstation way back when. Recently I've moved to an office that use VW. Whilst VW claims to be a BIM package I would not suggest using it in that basis for projects of any considerable size. From my experience VW is not nearly as robust or as solid a platform for complex projects with multiple users. In addition the data relationships that you may be familiar with in Revit don't exist in VW - schedules don't auto update, additional fields cannot be added easily to PIOs, the wall tools are slow and glitchy, levels cannot be dynamically changed... Don't get me wrong however, VW has it's place, I just think Revit is a bigger software package and it shows. One last point. VW is often suggested as being more user friendly. At our office those who have used VW for years are disappointed with the latest releases as the software has over complicated what were simple tasks. I too, find many inconsistencies in the software and more importantly come across the term 'workaround' repeatedly when asking how to do things. Sorry to be negative!
  12. I too have had similar issues. I have general arrangement section that is referenced into another file simply to generate 1:5 details. Weirdly the original file can print and be amended easily where as the new detail drawing is very slow and creates huge print files with PDF's at 80mb!
  13. I have a plan with some 30 windows (PIO Windows). All are on a schedule and have their ID tags visible. I have placed them all and have leaders etc. Now, I would like to select them all and add a marker to the leader. However, this only seems possible on a individual basis - i.e. I will have to select each window one at a time and change the marker style settings. I tried creating a worksheet to do this, but the marker style is not available as a data string. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers.
  14. Thanks for checking this out, much appreciated. Fingers crossed we upgrade soon!
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