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Free trees and tree line backgrounds from BuzzBox

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This link was posted on CGTalk in the C4D forum, very generous user please keep their archive intact so they get credit for sharing these textures.


You can create image props out of the color images and use the alpha images for the image prop masks. The tree lines can be used as backgrounds or create non-rotating non-crossed image props to place them behind your scene.

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There was a lot of good info in this thread. Thanks to all. It would be nice to soften the horizon line. Anyway to do this in Vectorworks?

I sometimes use a transparency map to make a blurred transition between the ground plane and an HDRI background or a tree-line. the transparency map can be made from a screen dump from inside VW using the gradient tool on a temporary 2D object.

Also: To reduce the size of a circular ground plane and get the correct horizon height, I sometimes make the groundplane slightly bowl-shaped, as it is the case in this rendering:


The downside of this is, that the height of the bowl has to be adjusted for every new perspective. I wish there was a proper ground plane function in VW like there is in most other CAD applications.

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