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Means to Repair/Restore Vw Installation



There should be a way to repair a broken Vw installation other than having to uninstall and reinstall Vw. It is a major waste of time to have to do this manually - I have done it twice today to try and get my cabinet & door handles back. 3 hours later... grrr.

Uninstalling Vw is always Tech Support's first suggestion when you've got a problem - so it seems that someone at Nemetschek could write a script/application that would automate this for you. Even a separate 'Uninstall' application on the install DVD would be welcome, but a 'Repair Installation' command would be preferred.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I agree. Adding this to an existing request.

Installing overtop an existing installation often does not correct issues, however you can move everything inside the "Libraries" folder within the main Vectorworks application folder to another location first, uninstall/reinstall, then place the contents of that folder back overtop the newly installed ones to avoid having to wait for them to download again.

That should be just fine as long as the issue wasnt library related.

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I'll +1 my own wish list item from over 4 years ago...

Currently dealing with a broken Magic Wand: I was attempting to reinstall over the existing installation, but I'm not certain if it's going to fix anything.

Or is it just going to delete all the VSS libraries that I have already downloaded.

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Jim -

Thanks for the reply, I really hope NNA knows how much we users appreciate your never-ending presence and support on these forums. You are Superman.

I moved the Libraries folder before reinstalling VW on top of the existing installation, but it didn't fix my broken Magic Wand. :(

I'll email tech support for assistance, but I'll also try a complete remove/reinstall when I get a chance.

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