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2011 workflow problem

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I have been having a rendering workflow problem moving from 2010 to 2011.

I used to

a) set up my renders using ambient lighting and a single light source then

b) remove the ambient lighting and usually the light source,

c) select an HDRI background as the environment lighting and have a cup of tea whilst it slowly rendered

Pros : 2010 is very quick in FQR with ambient and a light source; the HDRI gives great depth to the results

cons : rendering with HDRI as the lighting is very slow.

When switching to 2011 the results were quite different

pros : much quicker when the HDRI background is selected

cons : Slower with ambient and a light source; very bleached out look to the end result with HDRI regardless of textures

I attach some renders to show the difference in the results between 2010 and 2011 and would be interested if anyone would go through the following steps and post their results to compare. Just perform the same steps in 2011 and 2010 (or any other version, be good to see how they vary too)

1) set up a simple exterior scene (I use Landmark so don't do interiors much) with no textures in 2010 or whichever version you have which isn't 2011

2) light it with just ambient lighting no other light source, render it in FQR and export to jpeg or PDF

3) turn the ambient off, (View>Lighting>Lighting Options) and turn on any HDRI environment lighting you like render it in FQR and export it as a PDF or jpeg

4)Save the file and reopen it in 2011

5) Render the scene in FQR and save it as a PDF or JPEG. This will have no bounces in the Indirect Lighting box and thus use Environment Lighting

6) Set the number of bounces to one and repeat step 5

7) Post the results in this thread

Look forward to seeing what results you get.

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This is a bit like my old maths exams," if a man writes a post on a forum a presses 'submit', how long will it be until it appears on the forum"

Depends who it is, seems to be the answer.

I had completely forgotten about this and suddenly, wham, here it is.

Looks like I forgot to attach the files on the above post although that could be another feature of my new posting regieme....

Please go to the original "Renderworks 2011 versus Renderworks 2010, better or worse" thread, the one that got locked not the other one and get the files of the first post there. They are the ones that I was talking about above.

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Stumbled into this - we are in the same boat ie: RW 2011 takes 2 to 3 times longer to render - with very little info from VW as to RW 2011 vs RW 2010 (Any of the free info I have read so far is more of a How to guide for a new user, not a comparison of 2010 vs 2011 ... Maybe this post should be in the RenderWorks Section? - Peter

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