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Wood Chip - Playground Surfacing Hatch? Any Examples/Ideas?

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Hi guys!

1.) Does anyone have any ready made Vectorworks hatches that i could use to represent rubber bark or wood chip? - (Like Shown Below):

2.) Also - i have corelDRAW and can create vector patterns... if i could export them as a dwg/illustrator file type-- is there a way to insert them into the Vectorworks Resource Hatch Panel?



Chris W

Pentagon Sport Ltd

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Hi guys -

appreciate your time and thoughts to answer this.

The rubber chip / bark photo shown is what i am trying to represent in a 2d Vector style plan using a "hatch" that replicates a sort of mish mash chip style hatch.

I know you can map and use photo textures but i am looking to keep the plan style the same in a vector style and not use an actual photo--

so for example i used the following hatch in my current 2d Trim Trail layout presentation: *Crushed Stone Course* which was kindly posted in Vector Depot website!

I can try and sit there making a new hatch in vectorworks- it would just be VERY handy if there was one already or a way of importing or creating a hatch I can insert into the Resource Panel eg: Adobe illustrator .pat ???

I hope you have caught my thoughts- lol -

Cheers guys!!

Chris W

Pentagon Sport Ltd

Design Manager

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Have you tried importing the image file of woodchips and then using the Trace Bitmap command. This picks up the outlines and will create what is essentially a hatch. Test the various settings for best results. Select the image, use the command, then drag the original image aside. Then create a texture from the result.

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