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  1. Hi guys - appreciate your time and thoughts to answer this. The rubber chip / bark photo shown is what i am trying to represent in a 2d Vector style plan using a "hatch" that replicates a sort of mish mash chip style hatch. I know you can map and use photo textures but i am looking to keep the plan style the same in a vector style and not use an actual photo-- so for example i used the following hatch in my current 2d Trim Trail layout presentation: *Crushed Stone Course* which was kindly posted in Vector Depot website! I can try and sit there making a new hatch in vectorworks- it would just be VERY handy if there was one already or a way of importing or creating a hatch I can insert into the Resource Panel eg: Adobe illustrator .pat ??? I hope you have caught my thoughts- lol - Cheers guys!! Chris W Pentagon Sport Ltd Design Manager
  2. Hi guys! 1.) Does anyone have any ready made Vectorworks hatches that i could use to represent rubber bark or wood chip? - (Like Shown Below): 2.) Also - i have corelDRAW and can create vector patterns... if i could export them as a dwg/illustrator file type-- is there a way to insert them into the Vectorworks Resource Hatch Panel? Thanks Chris W Pentagon Sport Ltd
  3. Mapping & Controlling Textures- [To Different Angles/Positions] !?? Hi struggling here guys!- New to Vectorworks Rendering and have been used to using 3D Max & AutoCAD... What I Want To Do:[/b] I have (x2) mirrored & angled-(30 deg) pieces of border fascia timber @ the front of a garage roof. Typically following the roof angle- *naturally*! I want to know how i can either rotate or map a wood texture map [with obviuosly grain in 1 direction] to match the same angle of the roof line- as i say at 30 deg. In EDIT TEXTURE / IMAGE COLOUR I can only flip maps/textures 90 deg! >> IS THERE A WAY TO CONTROL THIS FAR BETTER TO GET A UNIQUE ANGLE?? - Or do i have to remake a jpeg texture/map of this wood and re-import to match the angle direction? Which is grudgingly ok to do but takes time and distinct hassle! Can anyone help?! REMEMBER Im used to the superior controls of 3D Max for stretching/moving/rotating maps and i know I don't expect the same control but I was at least hoping to have basic direction control of maps?! Er or maybe not?! lol Any HELP will be massively appreciated even if to tell me nope thats the only way!-- lol Thanks Chris Woodward Astral Voyager Pentagon Sport
  4. Can you Use Cameras in Plan View and Animate on 2D Layout Plans?? We are a playground company that currently only do 2D bright vibrant layout plans for our play area schemes. So.... we know you can animate 3d objects for walk throughs BUT can you animate from a camera angle looking down onto the 2d plan from above (no 3d extruded shapes- only splines/shapes etc with filled in hatches and gradients etc..) We Want To Achieve: A glide above looking directly down onto the plan and what would be amazing would be if we could zoom in and out at certain points on the plan-- only up and down straight line to see a detail! Can this be done or do i have to extrude all lines/shapes to be 3d and then it can work??? ANY HELP AND ADVICE WOULD BE SO GREATLY RECIEVED AND APPRECIATED!!! Many Thanks Chris Woodward Pentagon Sport Senior Playground Designer


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