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Lighting Symbols

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Thanks Static I do have a boat load of such symbols, I generally don't use PIO's because they generally are a pile of crap the pendant for example looks nothing like anything in GRAPIC STANDARDS. - just wondered prior to loading VW2011 this weekend - if it this PiO was still just that.

VW folks, I love your software dearly but for the love of Mike, can you not:

1-Go out and buy a jeezless copy of Effing Graphic Standards, cost like 500 bucks including the CD

2-Look at all the pretty pictures

3-Have a meeting & ask all the kids who work there: "Do we have any PiO's that make these pretty pictures?

4-If the answer is: "Yup you becha" give every one, I dunno, till a week before yet another so called update to get the GD PiO thingies to make stuff look like, well what one sees in Graphic Standards?

Pretty Please?

With Sprinkles?

Cause you know what? I have to make work-a-rounds for EVERY PiO so they look like something someone who DRAWS for a living would give to a client, so I generally don't use em.

In case I'm not being clear:

Your PiO's are not very good as graphic objects, & that is the business I & others are in - communicating with GRAPHICS.

Sorry, but you update this thing & we skip an iteration or two & only update because we update hardware.

EFF!! You guys are the British Cars of Software, you really, really are.

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