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Door Tool - Use Symbol Geometry feature

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Hi All,

I have a 2D symbol of a storefront that I need to have a door callout.

With the standard Door Tool you check the "On Schedule" box and it adds a door callout that then gets coordinated with your Door Schedule.

I was told that I if I selected "Use Symbol Geometry" within the Door Tool Settings and then selected my storefront symbol it would combine the display of my custom symbol with the ability to select "On Schedule" and use the coordinated door callout functionality.

I tried creating a symbol with the Storefront Tool object and used that as my Geometry and the line work of the symbol was displayed in the opening. Only problem now is that the symbol does not display in the center of the opening. Can't figure out the problem here. The door callout is centered on the symbol but the center of the symbol is set to one edge of the opening.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Attached is a VW2011 file where I was trying this out.

Couldn't get it to work with a custom 2D symbol either, but in that case nothing displays, it just creates an opening in the wall the sizer of the symbol.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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So I managed to get my custom symbol to work but as I suspected I had to add 3D characteristics to it in order for the 2D line work to show up.

I know VW is really pushing the 2D/3D combination but it seems like it should be mindful not to ignore the fact that the software is used by many as a 2D only workspace.

Regarding using the Storefront Tool and converting it to a symbol---it would appear that the Storefront Tool has a built-in insertion point at the edge of the object instead of the center. When using it as the geometry this appears to be what is effecting its location relative to the opening in the wall. As of yet I can't seem to find any way of modifying the Storefront Tool's built-in insertion point.


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