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Crazy behaviour

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can anyone work this out....

attached is a template that we use, try drawing a large box, then a smaller one, duplicate the smaller one around the larger one and then try and clip the small boxes from the larger one, to leave a kind of castle turret like effect.

every time i try to do it, it tells me that they need to be on the same plane, so i change the plane and the small boxes disappear. this has only started happening in 2011, everything was fine before this, even in 2010.

any ideas?

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It appears that you have a corrupted file.

Luckily you don't seem to have a lot in the file.

You should probably recreate the entire template file layer by layer.

It would also be good to due a bug submission (VW Community Links at the top right of this page) so the engineers can take a look a this.

The duplicate along path/clip seems to work fine in a new file.

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I works for me. Are you changing the plane of the objects in the OIP? The pull down in the Data Bar just changes the default.

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When I do a Duplicate Along Path in this file with two newly drawn rectangles I get a couple of ghost rectangles that can't be selected. When you do the clip they clip large rectangle, but still can't be selected or deleted.

Different behavior than monkey sees but between the two it appears to be file corruption to me.

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thanks for having a look. i can also make this work in a new clean file, but not on any of my template files, which were created in 2008. i cleaned the file out before posting on here as we have a lot of in house symbols etc that we use, not looking forward to rebuilding our templates, as we have 4 that we use all the time!

i should get excited about new versions of VW, but now i can remember why i hate upgrading so much, 2008 was very stable for me and it is now very tempting to just revert back to it and wait for further SP's to come out before i start rebuilding templates/symbols etc. a bit disappointed to say the least

thanks again

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I just went back and played with it a little more.

It may not be a corrupt file, but possibly a bug in the Duplicate Along Path command.

I drew the large and small rectangles in the template file on a new blank layer and the duplicate/clip worked.

I then undid the clip/duplicate and moved the objects to the Scale Bar layer and redid the clip/duplicate and it "failed" I had rectangles that did not show but that did clip the large rectangle in the correct place.

I recommend that you contact Tech Support and also send in the file to Bug Submit (VW Community links at the top right above). Make sure to include the large and small rectangles and exact instructions on how you are using the duplicate along path command (spacing, number of duplicates, etc.) so they can try to recreate the problem.

You might not have to rebuild the template after all.

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