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Screen Object Tilt

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Hi All, I'm after a solution to a problem which appears like it should be very easy to solve, but I cannot!

I am inserting a screen object (65" plasma in this instance) to be hung from a truss and want it to be tilted down towards the audience. No matter what I do VW wont allow me to tilt/rotate in this direction. I can 'rotate' on the horizontal plane but not the on vertical - any suggestions?!

I have only recently started to use these symbols, having previously always made my own simple objects which were very easy to manipulate any way I needed to.

Any pointers or tips would be welcome!


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I guess you get the o so much beloved "hybrid objects can't ...." Message.

This is because VW Symbols and PIO's have a 2d and a 3d Conponent.

It is decided to allow the Rotation of these hybrid Objects just arround the Z Axis, which reduces the usability of these Objects.

For Furniture and so on it might be OK, but for Lighting Fixtures, Trusses, and Beamers its just annoying.

For the Circular Truss PIO you can switch of this Misbehaviour in the OI-Palette. But only for this......

The Solution for all other Hybrid Symbols and PIO's is:

- select the PIO/Symbol

- switch to a 3d View

- hit Cmd and K (converts the Objekt/Symbol to a Group and

gets rid of all that nice parametric features of your PIO's)

- Create a 3d Symbol if you need that thing more than once

- Rotate the resulting "3d- only Symbol" or Group as you need


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Dylan -

Horst is correct; the Television objects use Hybrid Symbol models and, therefore, can't be tilted. You have 2 options:

1) Convert the 3D part to a Group as he describes.

2) Create your own 65" plasma screen tilted the way you like it and add it's file to the "\Libraries\Defaults\Video Screen\Casings Flat 16-9" folder. The Television tool will then see and use it. To get a feel for how to build your own Symbol for Televsion to use, edit a copy of one of the existing models. Make sure to have a look at the attached "__VS-ModData" record and make sure use similar but adjusted values, as that's a crucial part to Television's being able to use your model.

Regards -

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