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callout problems

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Our office is having problems with the callouts for one project file only. Every time we change the callout text and hit OK, the program freezes up for about 30 seconds before being able to continue on. I can take these callouts and copy them to another file and it's fine. Everything else about this file is running quickly though. It is only in this one file; everything else about it is running quickly though. Any ideas?

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We have the same problem. We reported it about 2 months ago, still waiting for a resolution. Currently, we are TYPING (!) our keynote on the PDF drawing or using a text box.

NNA asked me for the file, but has offered no fix, patch, etc. into the memory hole it went.

Outlander, please let me know if you find a solution.

We would be happy with 30 seconds. We have between a 5 minute and a "I-can't-take-it-anymore-force-quit" delay. Utterly unacceptable bug.

We're using 2010, but the same bug appears is VW2011, and in multiple files on multiple systems.

I've used VW for many years,worked through multiple bugs, poor implementations, etc, but this one is about to get us to dump the software, as we cannot meet our production deadlines b/c the software will not allow us to annotate our drawings. Its bad enough that the economy is awful, that construction is deeply depressed; on the few projects we have, we now have to fight Vectorworks as well.

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I never liked the callout boxes...

As a work-around until this is (hopefully) solved, maybe add the leader line tool back into the workspace. It's under "Legacy". This way you can just type the text and then draw a normal leader line. Normal text has a few advantages, like being able to use superscript: avoiding notes like: m2 (meters squared, not meters two).

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Thanks for the suggestion to look under the "Legacy" folder. I tried to use the callouts tool years ago and found it to be very cumbersome and boggy. Sounds like it's still a dealbreaker for some. I also don't think I can get used to the new "Leader Line" tool either. Although it's an actual object, it seems to be too difficult & slow to adjust. Leader lines should be this difficult.

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