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how do I create a fill within separate boundaries?

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Just wondering if anyone knows how to create a fill in between selected lines that are separate. I understand there is the compose tool that can then have a fill attributed, but I am trying to find something like the archiCAD tool where you can just click on a space with the fill tool and it fills to the closest boundary?

Any tips or thoughts would be great,




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I would imagine that in ArchiCAD, one also creates a new object?

The paint bucket is the way to go!

If only could it be made to ignore lines etc. in grayed classes? Be it via class properties or classes option.

When you get an AutoCAD file (without any coherent internal logic, as they always are), it'd be nice to be able to paint the town red, but still see the context.


Show/Snap others: bucketing works with everything visible.

Gray others: Active class only.

Grayed classes: ignored.

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