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Applescript reorganize workspace


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I'm daily changing screens due to using external displays and projectors of several sizes for demo and training reasons.

I've been using an applescript to re-organize my screen setup in VW 12 - 2009. Now in VW2010 the windows 'Navigation - Classes' and 'Visualisation - Lights' don't understand the 'Set Bounds of window' command. I guess this is due to the naming which contains a '-'.

Does anyone have a solution for this little inconvenience?

Here's the applescript:

tell current application

set theApplication to "VectorWorks 2010 US"

end tell

-- Get the screen bounds of your active display

tell application "Finder"

set theScreenSize to bounds of window of desktop

set theScreenWidth to item 3 of theScreenSize

set theScreenHeigth to item 4 of theScreenSize

if theScreenWidth > 1920 then set theScreenWidth to 1920

if theScreenHeigth > 1200 then set theScreenHeigth to 1200

end tell

-- Reposition your VectorWorks elements

tell application theApplication


set theBasic to "Basic"

set theTools to "Tool Sets"

set theNavigation to "Navigation - Classes"

set theRessources to "Resource Browser"

set theInfo to "Obj Info"

set theVisual to "Visualization - Lights"

set bounds of window theBasic to {0, 22 + 16, 156, 255}

set thePositionList to bounds of window theBasic as list

set theBottom to item 4 of thePositionList

set bounds of window theTools to {0, theBottom + 16, 156, theScreenHeigth - 4}

-- set theTest to visible of window theNavigation

set theTest to false

if theTest then

set theBottom to theScreenHeigth * 0.6 as integer


set theBottom to theScreenHeigth - 4

end if

if theScreenWidth < 1500 then

set theRightPaletWidth to theScreenWidth / 5 as integer


set theRightPaletWidth to 300

end if


set bounds of window theInfo to {theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth, 22 + 16, theScreenWidth, theBottom}

end try


set bounds of window theNavigation to {theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth, (theScreenHeigth * 0.6 + 16) as integer, theScreenWidth, theScreenHeigth - 4}

end try


set bounds of window theRessources to {theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth - theRightPaletWidth - 40, 200, theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth - 40, theScreenHeigth - 150}

end try


set bounds of window theVisual to {179, 330, 179 + theRightPaletWidth, theScreenHeigth - 150}

end try


set bounds of window 1 to {156, 22 + 18, theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth, theScreenHeigth - 4}

end try

end tell

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