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  1. Hi all Is it possible to change a Marionette Objects' name to something custom? If not, please consider this an enhancement request.
  2. Hi Tim To install Numpy and Scipy on a Mac, use the description you got with these files. Make sure to install them where you can find them later because you'll need to move them to another folder. Once they are installed just go to your Vectorworks.app and right-click it to enter the contents of the app ('show package contents'). Browse to Contents:Frameworks:Python.framework:Versions:3.3:lib:python3.3:site-packages and drop the folders "numpy", "numpy-1.9.3.dist-info", "scipy" and "scipy-0.16.0.dist-info" in there. Now restart your Vectorworks and enjoy. Have fun.
  3. I don't know wether it's even possible, but I'd like to get the scaling factor of symbols in a worksheet. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm sorry, but the new Artistic RW modes aren't anywhere near the old ones. Problem is you can't even fine-tune them. I noticed a file called "sketch_styles.c4d" in the Renderworks folder inside the app folder. It's a Cinema4D R11.5 version file, so I tried opening it. It contains the basic settings for the Artistic RW options. I tried editing them. I can modify the strokes but not the surfaces... Unfortunately, I guess there must be some other info or data hidden elsewhere. If anyone can help me on this one, I'd be very happy. It could put the Artistic RW back to its value.
  5. Hi, I'm daily changing screens due to using external displays and projectors of several sizes for demo and training reasons. I've been using an applescript to re-organize my screen setup in VW 12 - 2009. Now in VW2010 the windows 'Navigation - Classes' and 'Visualisation - Lights' don't understand the 'Set Bounds of window' command. I guess this is due to the naming which contains a '-'. Does anyone have a solution for this little inconvenience? Here's the applescript: tell current application set theApplication to "VectorWorks 2010 US" end tell -- Get the screen bounds of your active display tell application "Finder" set theScreenSize to bounds of window of desktop set theScreenWidth to item 3 of theScreenSize set theScreenHeigth to item 4 of theScreenSize if theScreenWidth > 1920 then set theScreenWidth to 1920 if theScreenHeigth > 1200 then set theScreenHeigth to 1200 end tell -- Reposition your VectorWorks elements tell application theApplication activate set theBasic to "Basic" set theTools to "Tool Sets" set theNavigation to "Navigation - Classes" set theRessources to "Resource Browser" set theInfo to "Obj Info" set theVisual to "Visualization - Lights" set bounds of window theBasic to {0, 22 + 16, 156, 255} set thePositionList to bounds of window theBasic as list set theBottom to item 4 of thePositionList set bounds of window theTools to {0, theBottom + 16, 156, theScreenHeigth - 4} -- set theTest to visible of window theNavigation set theTest to false if theTest then set theBottom to theScreenHeigth * 0.6 as integer else set theBottom to theScreenHeigth - 4 end if if theScreenWidth < 1500 then set theRightPaletWidth to theScreenWidth / 5 as integer else set theRightPaletWidth to 300 end if try set bounds of window theInfo to {theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth, 22 + 16, theScreenWidth, theBottom} end try try set bounds of window theNavigation to {theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth, (theScreenHeigth * 0.6 + 16) as integer, theScreenWidth, theScreenHeigth - 4} end try try set bounds of window theRessources to {theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth - theRightPaletWidth - 40, 200, theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth - 40, theScreenHeigth - 150} end try try set bounds of window theVisual to {179, 330, 179 + theRightPaletWidth, theScreenHeigth - 150} end try try set bounds of window 1 to {156, 22 + 18, theScreenWidth - theRightPaletWidth, theScreenHeigth - 4} end try end tell
  6. =XCenter and =YCenter are in function of the screen! If you switch to a 3D view (right isometric) and recalculate the sheet, the values for 3D objects change. In VW2009, the ZCenter is added. The ZCenter is working as it should, but the XCenter and YCenter still have the same odd behaviour.
  7. Why can't we get the insertion points of objects into a worksheet? This is a big lack in the worksheet possibilities of VW. I think we really need the x, y and z values of PIO's, objects, symbols, ...
  8. hi all, I use the same method as described above, but replaced the layer links by viewports on design layers
  9. Hi, Since I'm not native english, I'm having trouble with some parameters. Could anybody explain me what the 'cleanout' in the piping object means? thanks,
  10. The Database command isn't new, it's a criterium for selection. The objecttype just returns the type of the object.
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