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duplicate with mouse clicks

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While the existing duplicate commands work fine, they dont operate quite as I would like. Like in other programs, I want to be able to duplicate an object from one mouse click point to another mouse click, of which neither need be on the selected object. Does this command exist anywhere or does someone know of a plug-in for it.

Cheers Russell.

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I have written my own command (& tool as well) for this, Julian Carr has had it commercially available as apart of his utilities and I would not be surprised if there would be one in public domain - somewhere. Perhaps you might check the archives of the infamous mailing list, infested with censorship freaks and 'moderated' by someone whose signature only refers his religious convictions, not to anything related to design. It's a funny world out there!

If you can't find anything, it is only a few lines of delphin-friendly, no-cholesterol & wheat-free VectorScript code.

However, it totally eludes me why it is not a part of VW itself...

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