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Hi there

Could someone please help me.

I have used the CreateWSImage() in a plugin.

The PIO allows me to select a Worksheet from a list in the object browser. Works really well but ..........

If i have more than one of these PIO within the same document the PIO displays a blank. The PIO will also show blank even if the WS Image has been placed Manually.

So it looks as if CreateWSImage() will only place 1 worksheet image within a file.

Does anyone have a solution so i can display more than one instance within the same document.


John Greaney

Win Vista 2008

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The script needs to pass a Handle to a valid WSObject.

The procedure defaults to> Handle>first WSObject > RBContainer... end of story.

It could just as well point to the first WSObject instance on the ActiveLayer.

Or all objects of T=WS could be selected and individually displayed via multiple OIP.

There are various procedures available to list Objects of Type or create an array of Objects of Type

and then utilize recursion or sort or dialog to Handle the list.

But I'm, certainly, no expert in VS.

Other better informed Users can probably provide you with the working code in the VS Forum.

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