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3d Shadow

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Hello Michaelk,

No a gobo is not what i am searching for , I want to use the 3d figures and be able to change their positions, render it in renderworks final with a light to create their shadows.

Then finally I would like to lose the actual 3d figure and want to see only the shadow projected.

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I think RW is geared toward recreating the real world, and something like this may be beyond it's means. Cinema4D could do it I think.

My suggestion would be to do multiple renders and take it to photoshop. One render without any people to get your "floor" and put that in your bottom PS layer. Then change the texture on your people to a single color, so you can easily select/mask them out.

It's an interesting result. Just curious what the goal is for the renders?

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Creating a tranparent texture and applying it to each part of the figure almost worked..... there was still a bit of a "ghost" rendered. maybe if the texture is refined it could worked, just used a simple transparency at 100%.

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This is probably too complicated, but it works...

There are two shadows on this drawing, one from the running man figure in the drawing and another from a duplicated running man shrunk down to 2" (5 cm) tall and placed very close to the light source.

If you kept the lighting very simple you could map the position of the figure on the floor to the position on an imaginary miniature floor right next to the light...

But photoshop is probably easier.


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Thanks Guys,

A combination of the tips work good for me. to place the figures closer to the lightsource is great when mapped out.

After that photoshop will do .

David; to temper your curiousity ; it is meant for a visualisation presentation for an outdoor project to videoproject several people shadows on a street at night in combination with real shadows from the light of the same projector of the visitors in the street.


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