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Viewport visibilities


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I'm experiencing some difficulties with Sheet Layer viewports. I have created a new Sheet Layer with a single viewport and when I move my cursor over the area of the viewport it flickers quite badly. When I select it, for example to change it's scale, it disappears and then I need to choose "Fit to page area" to have it reappear. If I select the title block I have pasted into the sheet the viewport disappears as well as the title block, but it shows as highlighted. It's very frustrating and a new occurrence since the upgrade to VW 2009.

Anyone else seen this happen?

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Not something I have heard of, but certainly possible.

After you installed VW2009, did you restart your computer? Did you Repair Preferences (using Disk Utility).

Is this only on a single file or can you duplicate this with a new file?

Start with these and if they don't fix it, we can help with more suggestions.

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