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SP3 bats .600

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Of the five issues I've submitted in the last year or so, SP3 appears to have addressed 3.

1. Solved: Fascia floating above the roof edge, and disappearing when the roof is moved in the z direction.

2. Solved: Place a wall endpoint over a previously grouped and locked wall join does not automatically undo the old walls.

3. Solved: Section Viewports now respect the "use class" setting for objects beyond the cutting plane.

4. Still broken: DTM ignores the user's geometry, and "spilled dirt" remains the norm.

5. Still broken: Wall wraps disappear when symbol-ized opening PIO's are insignifanatly edited. Such as ID label, part classes, etc.- stuff wholly unrelated to the wall wrap.

So thanks for the work done so far, and looking forward to the embarassingly long overdue fix to the DTM getting closer to the top of the list!

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I heard a rumor that there was a psychotic anatomy student loose in the Human Figures code. This proves it, for sure ;-)

Keep on filing those bugs guys & gals. Make sure to include a repeatable example.

As a side note, I've filed dozens and dozens of bugs. I've never kept track, but I'd guess that my personal "fixed" record is somewhere in the neighborhood of .600?...

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