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Round Wall Aggravations

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I continue to be vexed by windows in round walls. Almost every project I have uses them. But windows in the walls leave crazy artifacts that screw up renderings, so that I gotta remove the jamb and sill for each window, and then put another window in the identical spot (but not "in" the wall) with the desired jamb and trim. But all of that messes up the plan view, so I have to make changes between the renderings and blueprints to make each look right. And even then, the trim looks dumb because it does not accommodate the curve of the wall. Extends the design process by a ridiculous amount.

This has carried over from the prior version to this paid upgrade. I've reported it to tech before and after the upgrade without a response. After wasting hours today again messing with this, I needed to vent and my wife and kid don't care about windows in round walls, so this bbs is it. Argh.

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Cloud, I know you've spoken to tech support about this, but have you submitted it as a "bug"? If you can reproduce it, send a file with instructions which demonstrate the problem to the link on the right "Bug Submit". Usually these get looked at and fixed...

As an option in the meantime, have you tried creating your own custom 2d/3d hybrid symbols? These might take some time at first, but once you have them you can use them over and over...

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Yes, I've submitted it. That's what I meant by writing that I reported it. I did include a file. It was the same bug submit email addy which I've used in the past and from which I've had acknowledgements on other items.

Have not looked into custom symbols. Without over-self-analyzing why not, it seems like too much work for something as elementary as windows in walls that I expect should work right in a high-end CAD system. Also, I used to write scripts for some of the curvy stuff I do, but with every new upgrade, commands and such would change and so scripts would no longer work and I'd have to reinvest time to figure out why and it stopped being worth the aggravation. I lost a bit of faith in customizing.

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One more upgrade (SP4) and one more version that doesn't fix the junk that shows up when placing a window into a round wall. Sigh. One more submittal to Tech Support. This is such a big time waster, and would seem to be an easy enough bug to fix. It's frustrating to keep bumping into this.

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