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Font problems when exporting in PDF

D Wood


I'm having trouble with letters shifting when I export a drawing as a PDF - I sent the following query to Adobe:

When I create a .pdf of a drawing made in Vectorworks, the letter spacing in some words (floor, fire) do not translate correctly - see attached. The text size is 5pt (I've tried 6pt with the same result).

The drawing is A3 size, and I email it to a bureau to print out at A1 size, hence the small font size.

My Tekton font is type 123, prod no 0135 3055, bar code 71865903145.

Software - Adobe Reader 9, Vectorworks 12.5.

Hardware - Intel iMac.

Do you have any idea of how I can get this font to display correctly? Does it need upgrading?

I got this reply:

Thank you for contacting Adobe Asia Pacific Support.

I understand that the font Tekton does not display correctly after converting the file to PDF.

In response to your concern we regret to inform you that though you are using Adobe Reader to open the File, the software that created the PDF file is VectorWorks (PDFTron PDFNet) and we don?t have the resources to reproduce nor determine how the third party reads and converts the Tekton font.

We best suggest contacting VectorWorks for support for we can only provide assistance if the PDF file was created using by the Adobe Acrobat Professional software.

It would seem the problem is not with the font -anybody have any idea where I go from here?

I couldn't attach the file - it timed out. What happens is that in the word floor, there is no spacing between the l and the o, so it looks like fbor!

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