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Bad Performance!

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I create 3d models in VectorWorks 12, then import them into Cinema 4d 9.6, then export into Vue 7 xstream in the 3Ds format. I noticed that the models I create do not give me good performance in Vue 7 xstream like other models that I get from another sources (i,e. Cornucopia etc). Is there something I can do befor exporting the model from VectorWorks or C4D in 3Ds format that would improve the performance once I import it into Vue 7 xStream?


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How are you exporting to C4D? Via the VW exchange plugin? Also, more out of curiosity, what are you needing to do in C4D before getting to Vue?

I use the VW exchange plugin, and it seems in general to convert the VW objects to meshes. One thing you can look at is your VW prefs - setting 3D coversion resolution to something other than High might help.

C4D does offer (at least in version 10) several tools that might optiomize your models. Under the Function Menu, you could try Connect and/or Optimize. You could also try dropping your VW object under a Hypernurbs object, play with the settings and then "Make Editable".

Also, I recall coming across a C4D plugin somewhere that helps optimize meshes, you could try googling that. I also recall something called MeshLab that might help.

Good Luck!

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