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Imported Image quality

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I recently upgraded from 12.5 to '09, and I am having problems with the print quality with imported image files embedded in titleblocks, especially with pdfs.

I had imported high res files (client logos) into my custom titleblocks, and scaled them to fit. In 12.5, as long as I had the Sheet Layer dpi set high, I would get nice crisp images. In 09, they come out looking very low res. I have tried turning off GDI, and this helps, but it is still noticably lower quality. I have been banging away at what dpi setting I can find to no avail, and wanted to se if anyone here has an idea.

FYI, using either Acrobat 8, primoPDF, or Export to PDF gives the same problem.


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Have you found the resolution settings for the individual sheet layers yet?

Go to the Organization Palette (Tools Menu). Select the Sheet Layer tab.

The DPI column shows the resolution setting for the sheet layer. To change it, select the layer you want and click the edit button.

You can select multitple layers that have the same paper size and change them all at once.

If you already know this, sorry for the waste of bandwidth.

There are also resolution settings in the Document Preferences in the Resolution tab that control the PDF export and Printing Resolutions.

The single resolution setting for all of the Design Layers is controlled from the Print Dialog Box.

These are from a Mac, but the locations are similar in Windows.



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Thanks for the reply -

I have looked at Sheet Layer dpi (this was the critical setting in VW12.5). I have also tried various settings with Document Prefs and the settings in the print dialogs.

I have narrowed this down to the Titleblocks though. I can import an image file into the current drawing and it prints to pdf fine. It's an image in the Titleblock that always comes out at a lower quality. Again, this worked fine in 12.5, but not in 09.


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