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Export to DWG looses textures.



I have had to export a VW drawing to dwg format for a client to use in a walkthrough (my plug-in files doesn't exist).

All the 3d components came through execpt the truss.

My question would be : does the .dwg file(AutoCad) hold the textures applied in VW as standard or is there something I have not done?

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I think that exporting to 3ds keeps textures attached. Can ACAD, or whatever is being used to create walkthrough, import 3ds?

Not quite sure what you asking there....

I needed to save to .dwg as I could not do the walktrough needed due to plugins not being installed. The next person used TurboCad for the walkthrough and could applay textures from his side, but those I selected and added to the drawing in VW was not kept after exporting.

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I'm almost positive that TurboCAD can import a 3ds file. If you export a 3ds file from VectorWorks (File>Export>Export 3ds,) the materials that you have attached should stay attached. Then the person using TurboCAD can simply import the 3ds file and they SHOULD see the materials that you selected.

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