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Final Quality Renderworks, Texture scale showing incorrectly


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I have a model of a two storey house, All the walls have one texture associated, the texture has been created using renderworks.

Shader >

Color = vertical stripe (scale 1, width 0.1)

Reflectivity = None

Transparency = None

Bump = None

Size = 10

When I rotate round the model (in Final Quality Renderworks) the texture changes, From some views the walls look fine while the other walls look like theyve had the "scale" changed in the OIP > render tab.

The texture is supposed to appear as vertivcal stripes around 200mm to 300mm wide with thin vertical lines around say 10mm. Occasionaly the texture appears to be 20 times this size. Its not the same walls that are chowing in each view, it just depends as to which view I am looking from as to which walls will show wrong.

I would expect to see this if I was using openGL.

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A long shot ... but I experienced a similar issue. In that case, the texture also rendered at 20x the size, but in my case it was viewports not design layers that I was viewing.

The cause and solution turned out to be sheet resolution. I had the sheet resolution set to 72 - when I upped it to 300 dpi, everything rendered fine. To troubleshoot, I would suggest looking at a viewport of the problematic elements and see if this correction works or not. Also, look at the "mapping" portion of the render tab of the OIP for the objects that are rendering incorrectly and see if their scale has been tweaked differently than the "normal" objects.

Good luck.

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The odd textures shows the same in VPs and on the design layer, I have also checked all the render settings on each wall and they are the same. I have since changed the texture Im using and works fine so problem was with the vertical striped texture not the model.

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