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DTM system crashes

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Can you give more details about what you're doing? Does it crash immediately, or after a few steps? Are you sure it's frozen up and not just calculating? (some DTM's can take a couple of hours to run). Do you get an error message? are you using loci or poly's, and how many of them are there? etc etc

Barb Nelson

RLK Hydro, Inc.

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ok, so i will try explain more precisely:

i got a ascii-file with coordinates, and i imported it to vectorworks as 3d loci. there are about 1400 loci on a separate layer. fine so far.

z values are between 418,557m and 430,000m;

in most cases (i tried various settings in the dtm dialog) the system hangs after showing parts of the calculates dtm; i gave the machine (a 600mhz pc under nt4.0) up to 8 hours time over night, but vectorworks did not come to an end. in some cases, with no 3d model selected, i got an error message (4,6) and the system crashed afterwords.

in all cases only vectorworks hangs, all other applications keep running (slow, though, certaily)

on the layer with the loci are only those, all others are invisible.

does this help any further?


thanks for any assistance!

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You might want to check your z values and make an adjustment.

You say that the z value range is 418,557m and 430,000m. Are the commas decimal(as in Europe)or thousands separators. I'm not aware of vectorworks being able to handle commas as decimal separators, unless European versions have this capability. If these values are being recognized as 418.557 and 430.000 thousand meters than you are trying to create a dtm with a 11.443 thousand meters change in elevation or roughly 36,617 feet. I don't think this is practicable.

If the commas are decimal separators then I would suggest you change them to .'s instead of ,'s (unless your version of VW can recognize ,'s as decimal separators).

The only other thing that I can think of that may be giving you problems is that you may have 3-d loci that are too close together in the x-y plane but have extremely different z values.

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the commas are indeed the decimal separators in the german versions of vectorworks.

so the values of the loci range from 418.557m to 430.000m, about 11.5m difference.

(i'm working in europe, here)

if the problem consists in any 3d loci too close to each other, what practical way is there to get rid of those loci (or locate them first, anyway)

still, i can not figure out why twp points close to each other should be a problem for the calculation of a dtm - can you explain this more precisely?



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There shouldn't be a problem unles there are x,y coordinates having more than one z value. I would hope that vw landmark dtm software will allow filtering of data, but with vectorworks 8.5 I have not found a good way to do this. What I have done is split dtm areas in half or quarters, run dtm's on each subset of points, and continued to split a problem subset further until I could zoom in or otherwise examine the points as a text file or excel spreadsheet to determine what loci are causing problems.

This is not a good way to solve the problem and I certainly hope that one of the improvements in the landmark dtm is that there will be some type of filter. Unfortunately, Nemetschek will not tell me what the improvements are to the dtm software. I have written to them and all they provided was a pdf file that does not answer what the improvements are, it simply states that there are improvements.

My email adress is marc@digisys.net. If you would like you can send me the text file and I will give it a try.

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Marc P. is right on about filtering and v8 DTMs--we can certainly hope that this is vastly improved in Landmark. another good troubleshooting technique is to look at your points in "front" view--sometimes there will be one or two points that are outliers or that are simply wrong that you can catch this way. But if your points are all in a very small range of z values, this won't help.

Did you ever get it to work?

Barb Nelson

RLK Hydro

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